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    • Setting corporate travel policies
    • Managing business travel/meeting expenditures
    • Select or recommend business travel vendors
    • Plan or arrange business travel for individuals
    • Plan or arrange meetings/Incentive programs
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    • Airline
    • Airline Alliance
    • Car Rental
    • Charter Air/Corporate Jets
    • Corporate Relocation/Extended-Stay Lodging
    • Credit Cards/Payment Systems
    • Fleet
    • GDS
    • Ground Transportation/Limo
    • Hotel
    • Meetings/Incentive Travel
    • Online Booking Systems
    • T&E Expense Technology
    • Travel Mgmt Company/Agency
    • Travel/Meetings Technology Software
    • None of the Above

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    • Agri, Forestry, Fisheries, Mining, Chem, Petroleum
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    • Diversified Company
    • Education
    • Government
    • Independent Meeting or Convention Planning
    • Medical/Healthcare/Pharmaceutical
    • Other Manufacturing
    • Professional Services
    • Publishing/Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing
    • Software, Computers, Electronics, Communications
    • Travel Management Company/Agency/Consortium
    • Trade/Non-Profit Organization
    • Wholesale/Retail/Distribution (Non-Travel)
    • Other (Please specify)

    What is the scope of your organization's travel management program? (select all that apply) * 

    • US-based, primarily domestic travel
    • US-based, with domestic and international travel
    • US-based, global travel program
    • Non-US-based, global travel program
    • Other (please specify)

    What percentage of your travel budget is international travel? (select one only) 

    • Over 75%
    • 50-74%
    • 26-49%
    • Under 25%
    • No international travel

    Do you plan to submit an RFI/RFP for any of the following supplier categories within the next two years? (select all that apply) 

    • Airline
    • Airline Alliance
    • Car Rental
    • Charter Air/Corporate Jets
    • Data Management Software
    • Dining Restaurant Programs
    • Expense Reporting Systems
    • GDS
    • Ground Transportation/Chauffeured Services
    • Hotel
    • Meeting Technology
    • Online Booking Tool
    • Payment/Credit Card Systems
    • Travel Mgmt Company/Agency
    • Other

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